How to installing the Outernet on Ubuntu


I’m using Ubuntu.
I need to know how can I installing Outernet on my Os?
I don’t have raspberrypi, and I just using SkyStar2 on my PC.
Please help out about it.

Thank you,

We currently do not support desktop platforms. We will, eventually, but not right now.

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I’m living in a place, where Internet services access is so difficult, and the area in orders of officials government censorship has been increased, speed is very poor and extremely expensive.

Right now I have appropriate equipment like SkyeStar2. raspberrypi is expensive for me.
also how can I access free online internet?

Outernet is not free Internet. We broadcast a selection of (mostly) education material and news for people without Internet. If you are looking for a replacement for Internet, you will have to wait a bit longer, sorry.