How to power 2x Outernet LNA's in series

With OUTERNET’s move to Ku band, I have been spending more time experimenting with other L-band services such as JAERO and SafetyNET. Have fairly good luck with both. I am curently using an SDRPlay RSP1a but at L-band requencies, definitely need the additional amplification that the Outernet LNA/Sawfilet module provides.

Would like to try adding a second LNA module in series but am frankly not sure how to connect both so I can power through the bias-T. Or maybe not possible?

May not improve things (or may actually lower the S/N) but would like to experiment anyway.

Any help on how to connect will be appreciated.



i don’t think that a second LNA would improive thing in this case.

If you wan’t to test it anyway, just search for the 5v rail and add a cable (if you found a pad) from the first (near to the bias-t) to the second one.


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Take a look at this Adam 9A4QV YouTube: Cascaded remote LNA4ALL powered through Bias-T Look near 1:25 or so in the video, you will see how he does it.

Adam, 9A4QV shows you why LNAs improve the SNR

He has several other videos. You will need to look through his YouTube channel. BTW, lots of L-Band stuff to look at.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Thanks, Konrad and Manuel,

Good leads. Wish I I could locate a schematic for the LNA/SawFilter module to be absolutely certain of the 5V source. I had seen some of Adam’s videos, but not that one - great source of info.


For the NooElec? LNA/Saw Filter?
It’s rated 3.0 - 5.5v

NooElec LNA-SAW Filter

–Konrad, WA4OSH