How to store outside the SD card?

Any clues on how to store outside the SD card? I plan to use a NAS (network storage) eventually, but any help using an external drive for storage will help. I will try to figure out the NAS part.

There’s a .ini file for librarian, i’m not certain where it’s located on the SD card, but it dictates the file system that things are found in. If you know linux a bit you can use the ‘mount’ command to mount an external drive to where the storage has been mapped to, or you can simply change the directory of the storage location to match your drive location.

That seems to be /etc/librarian.ini. I will fiddle with it. Thanks.

You also want to take a look at the systemd unit for ondd (/etc/systemd/system/ondd.conf, iirc), which uses command line switch to specify the output location.