How to update to Librarian v0.4.post5?

I see the latest release on GitHub is v0.4.post5. I just purchased a Lighthouse running v0.4.post3.

How can I update? Do I need to connect to Lighthouse via the serial connection? Or can I patch via wi-fi or ethernet?


Hi Tom!

I’ve just set up a wiki page that links to the Lighthouse User Guide. You can find everything you need to know about updating your firmware (and version of librarian on your lighthouse is a part of that) in the user guide. Most of the information pertaining to updates is on the last page (appendix 3), but there might be some interesting features in the preceding pages you haven’t noticed.


Thanks, @Ben!

I found that User Manual and I was trying to update the Lighthouse firmware. Glad to know it will update Librarian as well.

However, the link from the User Manual didn’t work for me. The manual says the firmware download page is at The first time, I got a directory listing where each directory was a version number. I clicked on the latest version and it took me to the home page:

Since then, the download page link always takes me straight to the home page. I tried hard-refreshing and I tried a different browser with the same result.

It appears to be some kind of glitch in our server setup. We’ll look into it.

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Should be fixed now, can you try?

I can download the .pkg now. Thanks for the quick fix!