How will information be chosen (and risks of bias)?

Outernet seemed like a great idea, especially for developing countries.

But I started to think and read some of the topics in here, and wonder about the obvious:
will Outernet put in place some rules and charts to keep the information curation free and unbiased, or (in any case if such precautions aren’t taken) will it eventually become another US agencies propaganda tool to create disinformation, destabilisation and chaos (like in Ukraine, Syria, tentatively in Iran etc…and we’re barely starting to feel the counter-effects of these intrusions) ?

We don’t have a choice. For legal reasons, we must do it that way even if we really wanted to review every single thing that ends up on our stream. If we started reviewing, we would be risking legal issues that would lead to Outernet closing indefinitely. You can read more about it here.

The same could be said of Internet itself, and yet you can’t deny Internet is still quite useful. Also, I live in one of the affected countries. Trust me, Internet and any similar communication technologies only help, but is not really the key. Even more so in developing countries where new communication technologies have a low adoption rate anyway.

I’m pretty sure you meant ‘effects’ not ‘counter-effects’. :slight_smile: