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Have been running my dream catcher as a read only home server (128GB FAT32) for years now using HTML controlls from a Amazon Fire Stick, amazing streamer for everything. Also operates on the Android phones,Ipad and Windows PC, Windows chokes on 1080p and 4kvideos.
Mentioned in another thread that the only working “fully functional directory” is the download/upload directory.
I have never tested HTML uploading files to that particular directory, seems over the years I have lost the log in access for the admin level in skylark, reflashed the image with balenetcher to the system memory card and I am still locked out of admin using othernet/othernet as a login inputs.

It is my hope to write a HTML script to have a fully functional home server plus the othernet data.
Please help, first step for me is to resetting the admin password, If anyone has suggestions or pointers to help me along the way I am all ears, also will share the Fire Stick HTML code especially if I can make uploading possible.
Update: Switch PB1 mode 2 got me back in at the admin level, I will update any progress.

I need help with proper syntax for the URL “FS” commands aware of /FS/get/ for file access that runs the read only server that I already use and like. Have already had good results from command test from admin level login but getting nothing but errors.

Need help with the following commands /FS/upload/ and /FS/write/

Test list of commands, target directory is the upload/download, you can see this directory from the file manager in skylark.

/FS/delete/ (“error” :“no request body”)
/FS/write/ (“error” :“no request body”)
/FS/move/ (“error” :“no request body”)
/FS/upload/ (“error”:false, “results”:true)

If you understand these commands please point me in the right direction :+1: Thanks.

Big update: Using my android phone I have successfully upload a test file to the internal download directory and viewed that file, made over 20 different attempts to upload files and one of them worked, will have to figure out how I did it, Using Skylarks file manager and admin level access. Looks like I may get my wish as I build a server around the internal download directory and add new files to the server via Skylark.:+1:

I have successfully figured out how to make the internal server work, Skylark in admin mode to upload server files to the file manager to the internal download directory from Windows or android.

After you login to skylark as guest use the magic URL “” to access your server files.
The address maybe different depending on how you connect this is for hotspot mode.
I will soon make a nice server package and place it for public download, This internal server should work on all versions of the dreamcatcher including the new ones, may need slight changes to the URL depending on the device.:+1::smiley:Once you get a URL working bookmark it for later server access.
If you are not seeing files you know you just uploaded, clear the browser cache or press the refresh button on the browser, I have no idea why I am having this issue, moved HTML files like the auto tuner app to the internal download directory and others, testing looks good so far.
Another strange thing I have found in the URL “/FS/get/home:///download/” if admin.
URL “/FS/get/home:////download/” if guest. Most of the existing HTML files work better as guest, this explains a lot of issues of why certain things work and then they don’t with the dream catcher.

The internal download server works well but Skylark imposes a 61 megabyte upload limit on the file size, using the secondary “FAT 32” memory card you can put full movies on it by removing the card from the Dreamcatcher and putting it in a Windows machine and copy files to the secondary memory card.
Good news is internal server allows both memory cards to be accessible :+1:
I could still use help in writing larger files to the internal memory download directory.

Every browser has different things they support and don’t, like support for PDF files, the right browser with the right plugins can do amazing things with your little dreamcatcher.Like being able to to upload from my android phone directly to the server,the most up to date photos , videos and downloads on the server. Plus the othernet news/data.

This server rocks updated all the URL links in the Amazon Fire Stick to the internal server and Skylark.
Using wife’s Android phone uploaded all of her favorite stuff to the download directory using Skylark file manager from a admin login.
Select downloads on the left side of the Skylark file manager, then select the upload tab under file menu and browse for file and press select to send the file to the server…
On the Fire Stick silk internet browser hit the circular reload button to see all the new files when viewing the internal download directory.:blush:
Took the Dreamcatcher out of hotspot mode and put it back on my home network, the URL address will change mine goes from “” to “” on home network.Making bookmarks for both modes of operation is smart if the internet stops working you will still have everything on the Dreamcatcher / server.

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Update: I am about one day away from putting the internal download server package on GitHub, I have found running Skylark from a Windows machine gives you the screen real estate to manage subfolders off the internal download directory for the data files, I will supply a framework HTML file to help you have a more organized experience with this server, You can make custom directorys for pictures for example, select the directory and upload the files to it Using Skylarks file manager in admin level. Help keep the root level directory cleaner, I have yet to discover a file mover in skylarks file manager.

Here it is: GitHub - Matt9876453/Othernet-Internal-Server-V5: HTML script and info on internal download server.

Read the help file and enjoy, New Audio news clip selector accessv5.htm,Edit HTML files for a custom experience.

Spent part of last night on Skylarks file manager in admin mode on my Windows PC renaming Android files, adding directorys and files to the “downloads” directory. This is so cool having recent events on the big screen.

A little more information on my setup, using a old DirecTV dish with the new LNA/LNB to boost my signal as I am looking at the tree tops for a signal. normally 3-5 on the plus side, 30 foot of RG-6 coax cable and end connectors.
The dream catcher is in my living room about 5 feet away from my home router, can run it in hotspot mode or connected to the home network, one note about the fire stick it will not function properly if it cannot access the real Internet, it is the only device that will not function with the dream catcher in hot spot mode, the fire stick supports Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I have always used the center ring on the original remote to navigate screens, have almost mastered the click and scroll to navigate in a window.
I do not know how to check the free space on the internal memory card, and have no knowledge of what will occur with the auto clean up routine when it gets full, so far so good. Internal memory card I am running is a 32gig SD setup with balenetcher, the secondary card is 128gig SD that has a special FAT 32 format.
More information: added a Bluetooth keyboard to the Amazon Fire Stick, using tab keys, arrow keys, and enter key was able to upload Tiny Cam Pro security camera videos from the fire stick to the internal downloads server :smiley: , HTML games from version4 of the server package Pacman,Racer and Tetris mostly work with the keyboard on the fire stick, Tetris game I could only drop the shape with the space bar. For some reason no matter what directory I picked the security cam videos ended up in the root downloads directory.
A-Dkeys left and right W-S controlled up and down directions. Double click on a file folder till you see the files in that folder to make uploading work on a sub folder.

Using Firefox browser on your Android phone makes using Skylark slightly better than the Chrome browser, the touch buttons in the file manager are alot more responsive in Firefox.

Going to come up with a procedure for moving files from folder to folder in the internal memory directorys and also allow for some sort of backup of important files.
I have already put about 5gig worth files on the internal downloads directory and sub folders, after success in making a backup procedure I will over load the internal memory card just to see what happens and report back what occurs with auto clean up, I have never lost a file from the external memory card using it as a server.

Update: have found a way to move files and make backups using Firefox and Windows, with admin level login to Skylarks file manager and select the file you want to move or backup, select the edit tab on the file manager and select the “Download to computer” option, depending on the file type it will either download, or you can right click the play window to get save dialogue for movies, mp3 and pictures, during testing I sent everything to the Windows desktop, hardest to copy was HTML files, had to copy and paste into a new file the source code but it works, the second part is to upload the desktop files to the correct Skylark directory and delete the original source file.
More great news after logging in as admin and going to the network app, on the first screen near the bottom is a “Apply and Reboot” button sometime after issuing this command the Dreamcatcher/Skylark backed up everything to the downloads folder on the secondary memory card :+1:
Calling this project done, think I am done for now, Enjoy :sunglasses:

New update: just discovered not fully tested root internal memory directory, found it as admin but worked for file access as guest.
URL: “” to access server files, root internal memory folder.
When viewing the correct folder you will see a “.skylark” directory and a “README.txt” plus any files you upload.

Operating a server from root should be faster, lots of testing ahead :+1:

Update: be careful files vanished temporarily unable to upload anything “strangeness”
During testing I have upload files in many different ways, these files pop in and out of existence but rarely can you add another file or get back to the files when you need to, as mentioned in the first post the only fully functional directory is the Internal downloads directory, :+1:

Update: More information “internal root” directory is accessable as admin you can upload and view files but if Skylark reboots the files will be deleted except for the README.txt file. I am having great success using the internal downloads directory and sub folders as a server.
Files larger than 61 megabytes to 2gig. plus can be written to the secondary memory card with a PC and accessed from any parent directory click on.

Operating Skylark file manager from an Android phone Firefox has the best button response but you cannot see the file and folder names because of the screen size, Chrome browser on Android allows you to pull/drag the file names to the far left and the MIME numbers to the right exposing the file and folder names.

Hi All, the trees have turned green in east Tennessee and my Othernet signal has gone bye bye, probably won’t work at my home location till next winter. Spent a full day looking for a signal with no luck.:roll_eyes:

In Skylark use the Log Viewer to look at the Diagnosistics to view the internal memory card, mine says with a 32 gig card setup with balenetcher 28.9 gig used 1.6 gig free.

Found it when looking for stats on the LNA/LNB

Except for a long pause when you first use the server again the fire stick can stay logged in for days at a time, once the server starts to send a file everything runs fast, Skylarks file manager has priority over the server function, Skylark extracting files received and writing files to the memory card will cause small delays in the server module, In everyday use it is normally no big deal.:+1:

Hi All, Just wanted you to know I have regained my Othernet signal from SES-2, used a small chainsaw to open a hole in the trees on the back right hand side of the property, will need to bury 125 feet of RG-6 cable and finish a pole mount DirecTV dish with the bullseye LNB. Signal is -3 right now fine tuning should get me back to plus 5. Have invested about two days in getting it back working, Not sure about the web site but it provided a directional line on a Google satellite map that allowed me to get line of sight on my own property.
Good luck :+1:

Working on a new package that will incorporate everything I have learned over the past weeks working with the internal downloads memory server, several updates and a new HTML file when placed in a directory filled with JPG picture files will allow you to scroll up an down and quickly see all the images. You will need to name the files “1.jpg” “2.jpg” “3.jpg” and so forth, spent alot of time today eliminatating the ip addresses in the HTML script not sure how many files it can display/handle working now with 3-5 meg JPEG picture files.

Learning something new everyday.:+1:

New Internal server package on GitHub: Othernet-Internal-memory-server-Version-6/ at main · Matt9876453/Othernet-Internal-memory-server-Version-6 · GitHub

Several updates and bug fixes, Enjoy :+1:

Update found out HTML files for viewing JPEG files will run at any location or memory card, also put mp3 audio player into the top of the code above “HTML Images” to enhance the slide show, easy copy and paste from access v4 to add music.
Jpeg picture files look really good displayed on the Fire stick, android phone but has a bar to the right on the PC, still a fast way to display a set of images from the server.