Hurricane Dorian

Anyone taking their receiver along on a disaster deployment for Dorian? I’m on the fence…



Your Othernet receiver could be useful if you also have a good battery and maybe solar or generator setup if you do not have a car to provide power, do not run down the battery though.
It really depends on what else you are taking with you.
I suggest that outside of the emergency time you read up on ARES gear that amateur radio emergency operators have ready to go like a volunteer firefighter or a reserve/guard soldier.
Especially look at the rigs some of them have for microwave satcom.
I was a professional emergency responder and planner before medical retirement so this is my general advice.
For now safe shelter(or your vehicle) outside the storm area, a local AM/FM receiver, required prescriptions, and safe water are what you must prioritize; give secondary consideration to fuel/range, cash, food, as well as planning for any debilitating legal or illegal substance and behavioral addictions before they become a major problem. Do not do heroic physical actions and accept that there will be property loss but your/other life is more valuable.
Camping gear is usually more comfortable outside the disaster area and can make eating far cheaper but if you have a car remember it is already a tough somewhat wind resistant metal tent just don’t park where flooding or landslide could wash it away.

What do American hams use for microwave satcom? I thought the only such transponder was QO-100, which has basically no US coverage.

Well, on the 10ghz Range it’s only QO100, but it doesen’t reach the US, only a bit of brasil.
Otherwise we use non stationary Sats with FM or liniear transponders around the world

AO-40 had a few microwave transponders before the rocket engine blew on an orbit change manuver and eventually the battery shorted. Still a few rigs for working that bird online.
Nothing but 2m/70cm that I know of right now but I haven’t had time for that for a few years.
I was more referring to their power and packaging tricks for now, though AO-40 in particular ended up with a nice Molinya geostat-lite orbit when it was coming and going from apogee which was suitable for small tripod mounted hand wound spiral antennas.