Hypothetically, What are the Limits to this Technology?

Provided that you receive your dream donation of $1 billion, what could you do with it?

I understand that your primary goal is to provide free and uncensored information to everyone and that Lantern is currently only set to receive, but hypothetically speaking, with $1 billion+ funding, would this technology be able to provide a two-way internet?

Would this two-way internet be real time?

For example, provided both of those conditions are fulfilled, could I hypothetically send something to someone else on this global Outernet and have them receive it instantly?
If this IS possible, I have ideas for possible investors and would like to contact you.

Not in real time, to my understanding. It’s my understanding that the only way to (with the current technology being used) broadcast is to have a huge antennae and send info to the satellite.

The costs of satellite internet access are fairly well understood. It requires a 1-2 meter dish.

You can get a 3Gb/Month connection for £9.99 in the UK Or 5Gb/Month for $59 in Africa

Outernet is able to offer a free service as it’s a broadcast only service. If it was offering two way internet I’d imagine the costs would be similar to existing suppliers.

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Do you have any other recommendation for MEA region?

It seems that the market is pretty competitive in that part of the world. I also found one company that offer discounted C-Band services recently.

I wonder if you have tried their service.

Listen if you know people who have 1 billion dollars to invest please suggest to them that they consider donating it to Aubrey de Grey’s Sens Foundation, no offense to the Outernet team.

I would, of course, love an alternative free internet but I would rather live to a thousand first. I still have stuff I want to do and not enough time. :smiley: