I have 19 referrals, how do I redeem my rewards?

I’ve looked around, and have been unable to find out where I redeem my rewards. I can’t figure out how to add my name, 118 character message, or my “selfie” to the hall of fame. Any help? Sorry if this is an inconvenience :confused:

Hi, please check the private message.

To anyone else that hasn’t been notified about the reward, but believes they legitimately won, let me first apologize if you haven’t received the notification because of an error on our part. Due to intense cheating by many participants, we went to great length in cleaning up the referral list and we may have omitted legitimate entries in the process.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via private message, and be sure to mention the email address and name you used to refer others. I will review the entries and sort it out if necessary.

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I got a email about adding a selfie to show i support Outernet. but how do i go about doing this without revealing my identity?

can i use my logo and my site name?

You are not required to use your real name nor a photo of yourself if you don’t want to. However, if possible, please avoid using the Collage for advertising purposes.

EDIT: You’ll notice that some people put website addresses in their message. That’s perfectly fine.

I have also completed my 15 referrals…can u please help me
…my email id is # CENSORED BY MODERATORS #

Everyone, please don’t post email addresses here. Send me a private message.