I have run out of patience with this operation - please refund my money

We are a year from start of fund raising and nearly 9 months since Indigo-go dispersed the raised funds.

No timeline on when Lantern product is to be delivered, only half baked updates that basic design has been changed, with no concrete idea what the product is going to be and then the “ohh we aren’t going to supply a dedicated product, we found someone that already makes what we need” meme comes out.
You folks have gone about the whole dam process ass-backwards, instead of all the initial focus on the programming material - the focus should have been on the hardware required to get the programming materials.

And then all this time and energy spent on DIY solutions to the hardware issue and your focus on Lighthouse, confirms my thinking that Lantern is NEVER going to be delivered.


I want the funds that that I contributed refunded.

MS Jordan

and PS - if you folks responded to multiple emails sent of the past month this bitch wouldn’t be public

I can’t really say what yet, but there’s a good reason for the delay. The reason I cannot say what is mostly business-related.

We’ll sort this out as soon as possible. Having said that, it’s possible that something pretty cool might happen by the end of this month which would be worth the wait. We can always issue a refund, though, so let me know how you wish to proceed. Please email me the details about your contribution to branko(at)outernet.is.

I’m glad you brought it to our attention. I see absolutely no reason why these issues shouldn’t be discussed publicly.

I’m in remote Australia with very constrained internet access so I don’t really have access to these discussions. I’m happy for the team to come up with something that actually works regardless of how long it takes. But I would appreciate simple updates on your progress from time to time. Best wishes Simon

Hi Simon. Thanks for your patience. We post updates on the IndieGogo project pages and our blog. We’ll have a new update regarding the project on December 2nd–it will be pretty big news. There is both really great news, but also not so good news. Here is the coverage map of Australia for the small antenna service. Note: We already reach Australia through AsiaSat-5, though that requires a huge C-band dish to receive.

Thanks Syed, I’ll look out for the post on December 2nd. Sounds as though I will need some kind of antenna. I was assuming that the Lantern would just work. At this stage we don’t have any mobile or internet coverage where I am. Nor is there any electricity other than the 12 volt solar I make for myself. Again, I had assumed the Lantern was self-powered by its solar panel. Not sure why people are discussing power sources…Best wishes Simon

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