I know there is a NDA with your new partner

I don’t expect you to name them but I just have just one albeit multipart question you may or not be able to answer.

Is this partnership going to change Outernet’s free status? We all know about how the major ISP’s have tried to create a tiered internet experience. We all also know how the cable companies have progressively put popular entertainment behind one pay wall after another, i.e. you originally pay for something and it eventually disappears behind yet another pay wall. In other words, a slow moving bait & switch. One of your stated goals was to provide the Outernet service free. I’m not suggesting Outernet would knowingly allow this themselves but is this partnership going to jeopardize the global free availability of Outernet or leave its users open to any kind of bait & switch or future pay walls to access content?

I’m pretty certain it won’t. We may introduce ‘premium’ features or whatnot but even that is not discussed yet. The free part will always be free as promised in the beginning.