I need step by step instructions. I have a dreamcatcher board Please list the steps

I am getting fairly frustrated. I SAID I didn’t want it sent to me UNLESS the installation was crystal clear. I got a board THEN NOTHING ELSE>

PLease help.


Step by step guide here:

If you use windows I prefer Win32 disk imager to burn your SD card with the Armbian image.

OK. HERE"S what’s not clear. IS armbian the OPERATING SYSTEM?
THen,what do you add ON TOP OF that to enable OUTERNET?

That’s supposed to be released very soon, as the boards also just out of factory the whole system is brand new working on that.
More info here: Armbian for Dreamcatcher

OK… So to summarize… the operating system, 'armbian" can be installed installed, but then the next thing to install after that would be the outernet application, is that correct? and from what i gather that particular item is not ready yet, correct? Thanks.