I need your help guys

i would like to buy this thing here , i don’t know anything about it
but i need something just like that bcuz i travel alot.
so i want to know if it works in ALGERIA (north africa)
and what should i buy bcuz i found two deffirent things on the website.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

It will work, check out the signal coverage map here: https://outernet.is/tech/

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The main system with the power pack is what you should be looking at. That has the L band antenna, pre-amp, receiver, and Chip computer. You can follow this link for ordering… Outernet L Band Kit.

You will still need another computer to help get it set up. And preferably a local wireless lan to increase the coverage range. These things would be separate from the kit above.


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is the internet speed high? or bad? what you think ? i’m a gamer , i can use it to play videogames online without any lags? thanks

This is SLOW speed, kinda like an old 2400 baud modem. And it’s receive only, so forget the internet as well. And it is one big LAG as you can never send data out. Other than that I think you would be just great :smiling_imp:



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is there another way? or maybe another devicepowerfull than this one . that allow me to play video games with normal ping

contact them for pricing: http://www.inmarsat.com/service-group/broadband/

zoltan is this one good for video games online?

better to ask them

thank you sir

zoltan , sorry sir but i couldnt know what to chose :stuck_out_tongue: wish product

Their BGAN Link is around $3000 a month for 492kbps and 30gb cap. The latency would likely be ridiculous. Thanks for sharing though, I didn’t know this service existed.

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