I ordered a Lantern, when will I get it?

The compute board is getting sent out for initial fabrication. This component is the heart of Lantern and includes the power system, SoC, wifi, and DVB-S2 tuner. It interfaces directly with the solar cells and 4000 mah battery.

The compute board will be driven by the TI AM335x, which is found in the wildly popular Beagle Bone Black single board computer. In fact, they wrote a short piece last week about our innovative use of their chip.

The RF module is currently being laid out and will be sent for initial fabrication at the end of this month. This is a smaller component which connects to the compute board. This particular module does one specific thing: listen to the mobile signal, which ranges from 1525 MHz to 1559 Mhz. The RF module connects to the antenna, which is still being reviewed. We need 10 dBi of gain and two options are under consideration, helical and planar. We are on track for a Q3 2015 shipment.

Much of the software from Pillar will be used in Lantern. The experience will be virtually identical. Pillar will be released very soon.

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This is really exciting. I feel that the convergence of so many technologies is about to merge and create humanities library. Gutenberg will be pleased.

The first backers of the campaign back in November 2014 were told that Lantern would ship in July/August 2015. We are revising that estimate to be October 2015. We are sorry about the delay! We will keep you posted with our progress here, via project updates, and with blog posts.

I donated a long time ago and still haven’t heard anything. I just received an update email but nothing about when I would receive my pillar or lantern whatever u call it now. Was wondering on an update I think I payed the extra for shipping too I’m pretty sure. But haven’t received anything as of yet???..

Early birds for the lantern should get the first available units in July and a second shipment of units after that should be in August. That’s the last I heard.

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Well now that it is August, I am wondering why hasn’t there been an update on the Lantern? I understand that delays happen, but we could at least use an update.

@syed: “We’re sending out a survey this week to determine which version of the product you would like to receive. Earlier versions will be a little buggy with later ones being more refined” here

Okay, Thane, It’s now October of 2017, and we still haven’t received our Lantern from the Indiegogo Campaign. Months ago, you were getting the parts in, and there were pics of them. What’s still holding it up?
Are we ever going to get one?


Still waiting for lantern it has more than 2 years.
Is this real or just a fisco company

Hi @Insuma, like you I have as well backed this project and at times it’s very hard to follow what is going on, as most of the pages that existed do not work:

With the change to Ku-band, this is not relevant any more either I think

but one place where you find information about Lantern is here:

I know that it does not have specific date, but as @Syed mentioned, it will be in 2018,
and I think it was worth while to wait with Ku-band offering more data then L-band …

As an investor,I like many others would appreciate a target date for receiving our “LANTERN’S”. It’s been with great difficulty getting to this page after trying to contact the main page .only to find they don’t recognise my email address !
Please don’t tell me this has been a scam ?

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I am happy somebody answer that probes you need to be a little rude to have some kind of informstion when people forget somevody how supports their projects

Take care and hope someday will be a reallity not just a project

Hi @Johnbrown1951,
As @Syed explained in the “update” msg. on indiegogo website

and I quote:

We have been operating our broadcast data service over a frequency band known as L-band, which is right around 1500 MHz (FM radio is around 100 MHz). L-band is a somewhat unique band in that there are very, very few operators with geostationary satellites. We always knew we were in a difficult position in L-band because of the lack of competition in the market.

I know of many investors that had been scammed, but you will only ever read about the good investments someone made, if you read through the forum there is a loot of work being put to get this project “Outernet” up and running …

Maybe a direct link to this forum post on the next update from @Syed will help people to catch up on what is going on with “Lantern” … and I can not wait to have one :slight_smile:

Has any that was an early investor get the product or a refund? Has anyone reported them to BBB, etc.

We’ve sent about $70,000 in refunds. All you need to do is ask. Please send an email to [email protected] and include the email address associated with your Paypal account.


Come on people - - Othernet is responsive. Just ask. We need to get this system off the ground to support the peoples of the world lacking reliable news/information. Ken

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so you say ‘Ask for refund’ insted of giving Informations about delivery?
bad joke.

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