I want to Know the real Scenario of Outernet Working to give a brief presentation at my College

Dear Team Outernet

I hope this project is going to make a revolution in Information
technology across the world.

My name is Jagadeep and I am from India. I want to know the detailed
working of this Outernet project and how you would make it possible to
communicate across the world for Free. I want to present it as seminar
at my college, and want to appreciate the work you are doing for the
world. So,please help me out to understand it’s real working scenario
and its enormous advantages for human kind. I am so excited to listen
from your Team.

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I’m not familiar with all details of how the hardware components will operate since I am working on the software components, and many things are still in early stages of development.

Abyway, here is the very rough overview of how it will work:

End users submit content requests from various online and offline channels like mixit, SMS, facebook 0, facebook USSD, voice, etc. Some of these requests are transcribed and/or translated by community members and then stored in the database. Community then goes out to find content that is appropriate for the requests.

Alternatively, community members can suggest content that aren’t being requested.

Once the content is found (we call this part of the process ‘content discovery’), all content is voted up by community members and the content with most votes end up in what we call the ‘content pool’. Every day, a playlist is compiled from the content pool. The playlists will probably be compiled manually by Outernet staff and volunteers because there are many issues that cannot be automated (e.g., legal requirements for content broadcast, etc).

The playlist is transmitted to the mission control where it is uploaded to the satellites. Satellites emit the content towards the Earth, and receivers on the ground pick it up and store it. User will then be able to select the content they would like to keep, share content with others, and so on.

Again, this is still just a rough sketch. As we finalize drafts for various components, we will put them online for discussion.

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