I want to partner with OUTERNET to develop a standard for mobile telecommunication

Sorry I don’t have pictures for now, I will like to partner with Outerner, to develop a $1 mobile phone that can have access to your satellite as soon as possible.

It would be great if your $1 phone could receive Outernet. What OS will your phone be running?

It’s going to be an Andriod OS, what we need to do is take U8 dual sim phone watch, fit it with a dial pad and fit it with the chip that will make it possible communicate with Outernet’s satellite. On the other hand, the phone might not need to have all the features of a normal Andriod phone, the most important aspect of the phone is to give low and medium income earners the opportunity to make affordable calls in Nigeria and other area where call rates are pretty high. This could be done through VoLTE, I am not sure of other markets but the model will work in Nigeria, there are tens of millions of people that will jump at the opportunity.