I want to remind you of [email protected] which was similar in content

A couple of years ago there was a similar European project (similar from the contents view).
It was called [email protected] The project started in March 2002 and ended in Feb 2007. Here is a qoute from the [email protected] webpage.

"[email protected] is an Internet project, involving SES ASTRA in Luxemburg and CSP in Torino, Italy. [email protected] uses the “Casablanca” technology to extend the Web in another dimension, while remaining fully compliant with all aspects of the “netiquette”. After installing a free-download “Casablanca” client (7.1 MB), anybody equipped with a DVB-satellite-connected PC can listen to the transmission and capture a preview of the most popular web sites. The most popular homepages are chosen semi-automatically from the Internet, based on “votes” made by the total audience of users. The purpose of Casablanca is to select from all the static Web contents available for free on the Internet, the pages that are of interest to the maximum number of users and to broadcast these pages via satellite. "

I write this topic for the guys who will handle the content.

Thanks! I had heard of something similar, but was never told exactly what it was. I wonder why it shut down. I’ll ask my contact at SES about this. Many, many thanks for the tip.