I wish you success in the project

I wish you success in the project
All my heart
Down, down company YemenNet
The world has a its miraculous speed Internet
We have internet service in Yemen raises laughter
We have the speed of the Internet in Yemen
Look at the picture of this speed test

I want to know
What is the speed at which broadcasts satellite???

This project is primarily aimed at people who do not have Internet. You have a decent connection compared to most of the world, so you would probably not need Outernet, free or otherwise.

I do not have the internet, I am talking from the outside.!!!
Which has no Internet is a rich person. More than 95 percent of Yemen’s population does not have money even has Internet

Ah ok, that explains it. But nevertheless, Outernet is not a normal Internet. It will be broadcasting web content, like radio or TV. At least that’s the first step. We hope to eventually have a normal two-way connection, but that’s not the near-term goal.

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