Idea Spawned from new message feature

Syed do you think it would be possible to make like a small irc server or a discord server and have the bot watching that and relaying any messages to the messages app? that would make something more different and many more useful as conversations can occur and be relayed over the network or have that in a separate IRC channel or even a discord channel.

I think it could be possible, but would it be more than just a novelty? How could it be genuinely useful for people who are offline?

Valid point I was just thinking it may be better than having the messages flood the forums and might be a better spot to have say like other bots putting message to be relayed thru the system like weather alerts and emergency alerts.

From the Skylark filesystem i suspect there once was an existing or planned feature to relay certain twitter messages. Maybe this can be revisited. OTOH up till now the message feature weas kinda limited to HAMs so a natural flood barrier was erected through the use of the APRS system. I would not completely tear that down (at the moment you have to register in the forum to use it, so its kinda still limited). How about rate-limiting* free access and permit a higher limit for donating people?

* the radio pager gateway in Gemany** is limited to 200 msg/day even for paying customers
** yes, we still have a national commercial radio paging/POCSAG network

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