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Does anybody else have the issue where none of the embedded images in the forum posts will load? I’ve tried multiple browsers and doing it from a couple of different networks. Same with my phone on 4G. They have a placeholder, but you can’t ever see the image. Even the main forum homepage has a broken image link in the blue box at the top and it says “lcdui” (presumably the alt text) next to it.

If I inspect the elements or watch the network activity, I can see the full image URL. But when I attempt to go directly to the image it just redirects to the main page.

I looked for any other posts about this and I’m not seeing any, so I wasn’t sure if I was just crazy or what.

Any advice is appreciated.


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looks like the domain change needs to updated for the old pictures… I came across this right now, check out this example:



@Abhishek might can advise on this, but I think a painful scripting process etc. will need to change those old broken links :frowning:

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Yeah, that does sound like a pain. Good catch. I’m new around here so I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining that the old domain was outernet when I saw othernet on there.

I’m guessing they decided to use a global 301 redirect to preserve any SEO they had, although the content here is so specific I can’t imagine having to compete for organic rank.

I see a couple of options besides having to script an update for the entire database. Either point it at the same server and just have both host headers apply to the site (and I’m assuming there’s a reason they didn’t choose that route), or utilize a URL rewrite plugin on any requests going to the /uploads subdirectory, assuming the server supports one (hard to tell what kind of server its running since it’s behind Cloudflare and I don’t want to try that hard). If URL rewrite at the server level isn’t an option, some basic JavaScript could do it.

I’m making a lot of assumptions here since I don’t know what they use under the hood or the reasons it was changed in the manner it was, but hopefully it can be fixed since there’s a lot of good info in the images that people shared. Especially for beginners like me.

Thanks for looking into it. I just thought it was weird that nobody else had mentioned it for the last couple of days so I wasn’t sure if it was on my end somehow.

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AND the little screen on the DC needs to now say OTHERNET. I guess the name change really upsets the apple cart! :grinning:


Ha! I completely forgot about the screen change. The location of images has been updated. The old url now redirects to

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Will it also be necessary to change the admin login and password for Skylark?

No, it should not effect any of that.