Include satfinder.apk on Skylark OS?

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Just trying to set up my device and using this opensource satfinder:

It seems like it would be nice if this .apk file came with the Skylark OS?

It also looks easy to hack to just include the two or three satellites in use by Othernet.

I’ll have a go at creating a hacked version of it that just shows the relevant ones something like

Ses4 - (Othernet Europe)


If I do this will you bundle the app up in Sklylark?

@syed @Abhishek


It’s a nice program because it adjusts for magnetic declination at your location, however it requires your Android device have a magnetometer installed so it can act as a compass. Ken

Is it so complicated for someone to Select a random sat in such an app at the given location eg. 23.5 E ?

I don’t think such a special app is needed.

PS: The USer also needs to install the APK somehow, so they at least need to enable app sideload / Untrusted sources. Just getting a recommended app from the Playstore ist the easier and safer way.

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The Play store is not accessible if you don’t have an internet connection.

I wouldn’t bother with a custom app if it looked difficult, but it seems a trivial to do. Having done some IT support you’d be surprised how difficult technology can be for some people.

You will need to have a page of instructions that says go to settings > Security and enable unknown sources. That doesn’t seem to be an insurmountable problem.

If you happen to have internet access and would prefer to use another app then this would not of course stop you from doing that.



This opens up the idea of having a trimmed and updating F-droid repo.
Only FOSS android apps but that is both useful to end users and likely easy enough for a user or village with the ability to set up Othernet.
No doube it would be an interesting partnering proposal to get them to tweak a custom repo for Othernet.

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Wait a sec, what about having a webapp in skylark directly that can calculate the angle, direction and skew for a given position and the selected Sat?

Would be a lot easier and the only thing you need is a compass (even a analog one would work)

This is a great idea. It would have to download while you are locked to a satellite, but after it gets saved on your SD chip, you can always go back into it to re site your LNB at its current or new location. This would preclude having to drag a Smartphone or computer with you to do the same thing.

Now, the next shoe is “what program/app” can Othernet use that is presumably “public domain”? Ken

Jup Download on old skylark Versions or include on new installs :slight_smile:

Don’t know a good source for Free software to include, but i will search a bit later.

This might work looks like there is a Java or PHP version.

Jup, found similar things. A only js version is easy to do. I could make something nice looking if you like @Syed @kenbarbi

Currently making a little JS calc for Othernet Beams, calculation works already, now i need to make it nice looking :slight_smile:


Is this giving True or Magnetic Az? Ken

It’s True Heading for now, but magnetic is not a lot different.

So i added Compensation for skew on Astra and made it look good. It’s a single file, so easy to send over sat link.

in the EU magnetic vs true heading is only a few degrees, i would like to add it but i currently have no easy option for that. But i’m confident that i / we will find a solution.

Ha! Got it! My script is now compensating for magnetic deviation on Earth, so it calculates the needed Magnetic Heading :sunglasses:

Cologne, Germany (Astra 3B)

New York, USA (SES-2)

@Syed @kenbarbi Any things you think would be needed?

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Does this js work without an internet connection… meaning pre-loaded the othernet active and future satellite postions… or could you enter the geostationary longitude (for example 23.5 East ), ?

The term “Satellite Beam” is rather confusing.

This looks great. Now next question - - if this apk is sent out on Othernet by Othernet and automatically saved (let’s say in Games)


can we run it when we need it with the off-line Dreamcatcher. Or could this also be an off-line Android app we could put on our Smartphones?

I’d like to get my hands on the actual apk to play with it on a Smartphone or on my Dreamcatcher’s external micro SD card. Manuel, could you put it up somewhere I can download it from? Ken

It’s just a html file, so anything that can display a html and execute Javascript will work.

I will send it to you later

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Great - - I’ll load it on my External Storage SD card in my Dreamcatcher an run it. Ken