Information request about the ground stations

I’m trying to understand the way Outernet is going to work, and I’m stuck on the exact purpose of the ground stations. Hopefully somebody can answer these questions:

  1. Are the ground stations the only devices that are going to filter the content of the Internet?
  2. What (estimated) size will these things be?
  3. How many will there probably be needed to cover all the satellites?
  4. Besides filtering and transmitting information to the satellites, do they have other functions?
  5. Is there anything known about the content of these stations (GPS, routers, antennas, etc.)?
  6. Who is going to set up these ground stations? Can anybody do this?

Thank you.

Yes true. Very good questions of you hendrik!
I’m also very interested in these things. Hope someone will answer soon.

Nice questions, Thanks Hendrik :slight_smile: