Installation Pictures


Yes, when the board is attached and power is supplied, the CHIP boots right up.


Ok, it still does not do that with the kit version (Chip, RTL-SDR and LNA)


Yes, I have never managed to get mine to start without a button press either… regardless of power supply or cable …

It is a bit weird :slight_smile:


I would suggest the whole package sell for $149, and the case alone for $49. That way, a Beta Lantern is affordable, and backward compatible with the Alpha Lantern. Ken


@pe1chl @neil I think I know what the problem is with your kits starting up. The V3 dongle had a design modification in the fall. In order to offer better HF reception, a passive was changed, which impacts current draw on start.

For the E4000 and older V3, boot in power seems to work without issue. Sorry about that. I just leave about that a few weeks ago and I forgot to mention it here.


AAAH I see …
It is a minor pain… I am not in the same place as my CHIP a lot of the time, and , as it is on mains, if there is a power issue, it simply goes off… C’est la Vie :slight_smile:


How do you get $50 out of that case? It is absolutely not outdoor/sunlight rated for permanent installation. A much more weatherproof, gasketed, NEMA IP66 enclosure that is exactly the sized needed for the antenna and all components whether separate or the SDRx, can be had for $15.


So there is some large electrolytic cap in the receiver that could be replaced by a smaller one?


Yes, that is my understanding, though it’s best to confirm with


Case done with my wife and placed on our balcony :grinning:

Based on rpi 3 with enough storage and optional lan…


Nice job! Curious though, and this is an open question, why most seem to gravitate towards clear non-UV protected plastic food containers instead of actual outdoor rated enclosures. Still, looks great and the metal backplane surely helps reception.


Hmmm good question! :slight_smile: Possibly it’s the same like in Geocaching boxes: food containers are just next step in kitchen while proper outdoor enclosures need to be search and sourced from some webshop etc.


Easy availability, cheap cost, and easy to replace if/when the old one starts to “rot” :slight_smile:
Also, it “look” technical… If you wanted to show a friend and you say, “here it is” and point to a black box, it means nothing… if you can see through it you friend will look hard and go, “Ooohh… That looks cool!”


I didn’t realize Amazon is considered difficult to use, what with next day delivery and all. I’ve got a NEMA Bud box outside with ADS-B gear inside up for almost two years now, no rotting, no leakage, no issues. It cost $15.

To each his own. I prefer actual performance and practicality vs, showing off. Must be the installation engineer mentality.


So, I think I have to put my Update here.

Posted before this:

Choked all wires and get rid of that USB hub:

(don’t ask about this pencil ;))

That is what you know from my post before :

Right now it getting terribly hot. Measured 60°C in the case while standing in the shade. More to that on the end of this post.

Everything is Powered with Solar:

Voltage is Converted with a East 300W modified sinus inverter (not the efficient way).

20€ Solar charge controller from amazon (works verry well). Using this to charging my USB devices, too.

Thats how i put the Cable from the Solar Cell down on the ground, so that nobody can fall over the wires

50Wp Solar Cell from PhaeSun. Gives me up to 3 Amps input to the solar charger.

Thats how i mounted the solarpanel to the balcony railing.

That is my SNR:

My only known problems with this setup:

  • Powering everything in winter time can make some problems
  • Not as efficient as I want because of the 300W Inverter. Takes up to 10W to Power the Chip and the SDR
  • Getting very hot. When I do the Conversion to only run from 5V (without the Inverter) I put a 5V Laptop fan in it so it
    gets some circulation.
  • Someone can hit his head on my solar panel
    -The whole setup is located in the room of my sister. (Satellite and Sun are in the South )

And that is how my Setup looks. Feel free to comment on that or give some suggestions.



the RTL-SDR pumps the heat …thats for sure…
is there some way to add some Vent Holes and or a Fan ?
Just my 2 cents

Looks Great By The Way


Very well done Daniel :slight_smile:

A couple of questions:
1 It looks like you are using an electrical box - - yes/no/what then? Anyway - - does the box cover attenuate the satellite signal? I see you are getting 8.42 dB SNR which is great, although my experience here on Americas is I run about 12 dB SNR.
2 How many hours of direct sun light are you getting with your solar cell set up? I live in the woods, and only get a few afternoon hours at my house near my setup.



Hi DV8,

honestly speaking, I want that thing to be water tight. I can add a fan into the Box to get a bit of an airflow.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, its an electrical box.

Not really, When I got this kit, I tested without any housing. Got the same SNR.

In the Summertime between 8 to 10 hours, I think. Have to watch this tomorrow. Then I can say it. Have never looked at it

Thank you :slight_smile:


That beats my breakfast-to-go container holding the Dreamcatcher… :slight_smile: Had to use the passive antenna because of the EMI issues I was having with them so close using the active. DC in the white box under the patch, 6000mah EasyAcc pack on the right. Holes under the lip to pass in USB power and vent.


So heres my Install setup… Its remotely adjusted for AZ and EL… automation to follow using PWM from a controller that monitors the sig strength and adjusts to peak…