Internet for Sudan

Hey everyone, a military coup leader decided to shut down the internet from my home country Sudan since Oct 25th. Why? To stop people from sharing the human right violations his thugs are commiting and to stop the peaceful protesters. Can you smart people here help us please?

I just learned about this service and just need to know how to make it work for Sudan please. Where to even start. You’ll be saving a country and giving millions a voice and teaching third world dictators that internet can’t be shut down in this century so please let me know what to do.

Thank you everyone!


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While watching Aljazeera TV Channel, I came to know about a device which can connect to the internet directly from a Satellite - for 90$. They advised to log at ( When I logged to the advised link, I was forwarded to OTHERNET page.
I could not find enough information about the product or how to obtain it …!! Could you help with this issue (I am currently in UAE.)