Introduction to Outernet?

Hi pradeeka i am from kerala i don’t know any think about outernet please help me

In short, Outernet is a file deliery system that (currently) uses satellite frequencies. It delivers various content from Internet, but doesn’t provide Internet access. The content is stored on the receiver and accessed via our software called Librarian, which is open-source.

Currently, the main objective is to facilitate delivery of edicational material and news, but we intend to open up the editorial process to the community and from there on, community would have much more say in what will get delivered.

Although Outernet charges for the devices it produces, it does not charge for the data stream. You are able to receive content for free as long as you keep your software up to date (which is free), and have working equipment. We may charge for having content uploaded and we may have other arragements (e.g., deploying hardware to specific locations at customer’s request) to cover the costs.

In order to use Outernet, you need a standard satellite dish, LNB, a tuner, and receiver software. We currently have an all-in-one integrated receiver unit called Lighthouse, and you can also build a receiver using USB tuners with Linux support (Outernet store sells a tuner for this purpose), and a Raspberry Pi.

For the DIY tuner, you can also purchase a kit from the store, but it currently costs as much as the integrated unit because Lighthouse is on sale, so I would recommend purchasing Lighthouse over a DIY kit unless you know you need the latter. Of course, getting parts independently would probably be the cheapest option, but keep in mind we can’t really support every possible combination of components you may run into.


Hi Najeeb, Apologies for the delay on this. I think Branko has been explained about the Outernet very clearly.