"invalid signing certificate" error

The Lawn Guys knocked my Othernet dish out of alignment on Friday. I re-aimed yesterday, and am back to a nice solid 8.25 dB signal, with Lock = yes, and I’ve received around 154K packets since then with Valid packets = 100%.

But nothing is downloading. The Log Viewer is full of “[carousel] invalid signing certificate” warnings.

A forum search reveals that others have had this problem, but perhaps it gets resolved with some action on the server side of things? Otherwise, I’m at a loss as to how to debug this. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks -

I’m in a similar situation here in Colorado Springs. Good signal, but “invalid signing certificate.”

@Syed The same here. No new files here since Friday 9/10.

Just a quick note, we are working an resolving the Issue

Should all be working now.

Confirmed working again here. Thanks Syed and Tysonpower!