Investment approach

Hi, just curious if there is any way to invest in this project and be a stakeholder or somesort?

Thanks for your interest–and vote of confidence. We’re still working through some of the logistical and organization details, so there isn’t a way to invest just yet. But to make a clarification to everyone, there will be two closely related projects with two completely separate constellations.

One will be a non-profit that can not ever charge for the service, it will need support from donations and grants; all of the donations made on are going towards the creation of the non-profit constellation. The goal for .org is to eventually build an endowment to guarantee a free source of information to the world for eternity. The .org is being built as a global educational institution which will include all of humanity as its stakeholders.

The .com will will be less restricted in its operations, but the ethos will be the same. All current energy and resources are being applied to building the non-profit constellation. Please stay tuned for more information as things get finalized.