Is Hotbird Outernet service still alive?


I setup an ORx using a raspberry pi and a Technisat Skystar USB 2 HD CI receiver.
The receiver is detected by tvheadend (I followed to procedure described here : and I can see TV channels on transponder 11471 with VLC when clicking on the “play” link in tvheadend web based user interface.

The problem is that outernet doesn’t work after following the procedure described for setting up the ORx (map the service and press play…).

In tvheadend interface I can see that outernet is detected as a “radio” service (tab Configuration->DVB Inputs->TV Adapters->Services, column “type”)

Service details for Outernet:
PID Type Details

When trying ondd in command line I get the following output (last line is event 0x1f so I guess the transponder 11471 is locked but no data is received) :

/usr/sbin/ondd -f 1721 -s 27500 -p V -o /var/spool/downloads
18:06:49.096 [main] v1.0.1
event: 0x0
event: 0x1f

Is Hotbird outernet service still alive ?
It looks like no data are broadcast on pid 64.

In case you can confirm the service is still alive could you help me pin point the issue in my setup ?



Services are up and running. Problem is that we had to change the stream a bit to accomodate OTA update for one of our prototypes, and as a result ORx is not able to receive data right now. I’m currently working on an updated image.