Is it actually a Wi-Fi network?

I can’t understand exactly how will this work, is it just like a normal Wi-Fi hotspot or does it require additional equipment (for example in case of using a smartphone)?

I’m told that there is a new de-luxe version of the website being worked on right now that will expose many of the details that are currently not on the homepage.

That said, we are definitely going to need some kind of device that would receive the data and store it. It may or may not have its own WiFi hotspot capability but it will definitely be on a network one way or the other. Smartphones would connect to it instead of directly to Outernet. The device will most likely have its own antenna (a foldable, retractable, or otherwise make-smallable dish) and a tuner.

Now the reason for this is we want to push for earlier availability of Outernet, so until cube sats are up, we’ll probably use regular geosats. I’m not sure what the schedule is for cube sats, though, but the same devices will probably work with cube sats as well.