Is it possible to have a connection from the south of Brazil?


Hello friends, I’m from the South of Brazil, can I get the signal from here? would like to participate in the project.


Yes, as long as 98W is transmitting, you should be able to receive.


Hello Giovan

My station is active in Brazil, and you can access it through the url below:

My inmarsat signal level is around 15 db.


Hi Vinicius,

Do you mind help me how to collect Outernet data from Sao Paulo? I am planning to use Dreamcatcher. Unless you thing with a rtl-sdr and a raspberry pi is also enough.

Best Regards,

Jose Damico


Hi Jose - - At this time, Othernet (the new corporate name) is just broadcasting on Ku Band SES-2 (87W) to North America and Hawaii. Syed has plans to expand in the future, but has not announced them yet. Ken (another user)