Is it possible to have a connection from the south of Brazil?

Hello friends, I’m from the South of Brazil, can I get the signal from here? would like to participate in the project.

Yes, as long as 98W is transmitting, you should be able to receive.

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Hello Giovan

My station is active in Brazil, and you can access it through the url below:

My inmarsat signal level is around 15 db.

Hi Vinicius,

Do you mind help me how to collect Outernet data from Sao Paulo? I am planning to use Dreamcatcher. Unless you thing with a rtl-sdr and a raspberry pi is also enough.

Best Regards,

Jose Damico

Hi Jose - - At this time, Othernet (the new corporate name) is just broadcasting on Ku Band SES-2 (87W) to North America and Hawaii. Syed has plans to expand in the future, but has not announced them yet. Ken (another user)