Is it possible to share screen of lighthouse through Xming and putty

So I have already worked on Raspberry Pi, usually I share the screen of the Rpi through my laptop so I don’t have to connect a dedicated HDMI Cable to it. I want the same thing for the LightHouse. Is it possible to start lxde in LightHouse so I get a screen share through X11 forwarding on my laptop? I have done that with my RPi before but I cant seem to work this on the LightHouse. Also how to enable HDMI port? Thank you.

username and password is outernet, I get connected to the LightHouse through putty successfully and even enable x11 fowarding in Putty but when I write startlxde it says startlxde not found. Please help.

There’s no X11 on Lighthouse, so therefore there’s no option to forward the screen. Lighthouse’s output is on framebuffer.

EDIT: It should also be noted that you don’t really get too much exciting output on the screen, so just using putty should be enough.

Isn’t Lighthouse a Rpi or something close to an ARM processor? I need to know is it possible to make my own GUI for the librarian? How should I enable HDMI port? Also can you give me a link to the framebuffer. Is it something like xming? Sorry to bother you.

Frambuffer is not like xming, X11, and similar. We’ve sort of attempted to put X on LH before. It’s

  • extremely tedious
  • makes image very large
  • GPU drivers didn’t quite play nice with X

So we gave up. If you want to give it a shot, the build files are released under GPL.

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