Is it really worth it?


Yea lawyers are the key here. The copyright states not all the content is from the gov. It sure is worth the investigation though.

The xml data is excellent as its ready to go as is… ive started writing a simple app to parse, index and view it for skylark. So i can add it to mine…



That’s good Chris.

Don’t forget you can download the Rachel Med Line Plus Encyclopedia in html format to install on a USB Stick from

It also comes in Spanish (FTP and go down to the es-… area). Ken


You know, the other thing is, your approach may result in smaller files that Outernet could broadcast/rebroadcast.

Then they could live on the carousel to keep coming down when time permits for new users. Ken


Yea its really a great idea you had … i hope they work out the copyright issue. Regardless though i can create a small app to run in the skylark desktop to view them i think…

Gotta see what restrictions are there for something like this…


Let me know when you get something - - I’d like to run it. Ken


Another potential and interesting source of medical literature is PLOS ONE, which is an open-source, peer reviewed journal. It has now come to be considered a legitimate source of scholarly material, even though its open source character runs somewhat at an angle to the traditional academic paradigm.


Another good idea. I checked it, and it looks like its copy write is in the public domain.

Again, rendering it onto Outernet becomes a challenge for the Outernet staff. I think @Abhishek likes the Med Line Plus because all the files are a one time upload (or a bunch of repeated uploads) of unchanging files, and Med Line Plus has an RSS feed which Outernet has fully automated to transmit new articles up to the satellites. Ken


‘Just the news?’ - just any data, for free, from the sky = awesome. GRIB data, news - when you’re at sea for over a month, no signals beyond a scratchy, faded HF signal - seeing data accumulate for you is awesome.

I think until you understand the true isolation of parts of our planet, it might be hard to fathom just how valuable Outernet is. Of course the relatively small amount of data seems pointless if you’re in reach of your cell phone, your computer, the TV and 12 friends - but when you’re in the middle of nowhere, this is water to your desert.


On the same topic of the latest hurricanes, I am trying to find a way to setup a free satellite internet for VoIP and data for emergency responders and be able to re-establish coms fast in the affected area.


outernet isnt going to be able to provide any VoIP services, you will need a commericial satellite internet provider to do that…

Outernet is a one-way broadcast, just like AM/FM/Sortwave, except its data only. the purpose of outernet is to provide access to BASIC information for weather, news and selected topics. there is NO-WAY for a user to request a specific page to be sent ad-hoc…

Outernet is valuable as a means for those who are completely disconnected from the “world” to get the basic information mentioned above…



Amateur radio satellites, Amsat Phase 4, are being deployed to do just that -two-way communications via satellite. :sunny:
In Europe, Africa and Western Asia, AMSAT Phase 4a is in the process of being built and launched
UK - Phase 4A

In North and South America, Phase 4b is in process of being built and being piggy-backed on another satellite.
UK - Phase 4B
Phase 4B ground station

–Konrad, WA4OSH