Is it work in Middle East sky?

Hi :slight_smile:
I have two questions.
1: is it work in Middle East sky ?
2: how can I buy it ? . Thanks.


the Outernet Service is changing to the KU-Band at the Moment. The new Hardware will be released soon in the outernet store, where you can then order the new Dremcatcher v3.01 online.

The satellites will cover the whole globe, so it will also be available in the middle east. :globe_with_meridians:


PS: What is up with that Thread title? :joy:

For clarification: We do intend to have a beam that covers the Middle East, but it will not be immediately available. The initial beam will be in the US. A European beam will follow. Additional beams will be made available when we find local distributors and resellers in those markets.

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Hello Syria - - if you have been following the Forum, you’ll know many of us Forum Members want to see worldwide service again which Syed assures us will happen. Trust Syed - - it will happen, and it will be breathtaking (I hate using awesome).

Additionally, there is a thread about Government Detecting Outernet Devices which several of us are investigating. This may play into Middle East reception. Stand by on that. Ken

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