Is Sale Price an OMEN?

Yep, you are right on the money for the rent.
But we really want this…
Years in the future for North America.

In the mean time, Othernet might work well for us.
I will mention your company to the BOD.

Please join our email list.

If hams wanted to use the commercial satellite capacity that we leased, then their satellite terminals would need to be fixed units. One of the biggest concerns for network providers (the role similar to us) and satellite operators is interference. That can be either uplinking on the wrong frequency or spraying energy at an adjacent satellite. This rush factor is why we haven’t offered our own relatively low-cost narrowband service.

Sale Price should be a big driver for Othernet. Looking at the differences between the DC v3.03 and the DC v3.05, little things like fewer SMA connectors (those board mounted SMA connectors are expensive). The Touch Screen, thou nice to have, is very expensive and serves us techie’s needs, but may not be that practical for the general public. Ken

Hi @Syed ,
I informed the ORI (Open Resource Institute) BOD.
We shall see…

I agree, no spraying of adjacent sats.
So, you have the secure aggregator and the clean uplink signal.
Hams could come into the aggregator via VOIP, Skype, Echolink, or
Also via Skype video or FaceTime video.
Also maybe via VHF/UHF and HF radio at your downtown Chicago address…

The challenge for hams is to build workable downlink receivers from COTS parts, like 12 GHz LNB’s, LNA’s, DreamCatcher, Minitiouner, RTL-SDR dongles, etc.

What will this do for Othernet ?
Huge advertising exposure on ham related websites and news feeds.
~1mil hams in the USA alone.


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Yes, we do have uplinks that can be accessed over IP, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of an emergency communications system? In times of disaster, an internet connection may not be available.

Yes, we can definitely build downlink receivers (which is what we already do), but I’m still trying to understand exactly what you are looking for.

Hi Syed,

We are looking to get some experience with aggregators for the commercial uplink and Ku band downloads.
For Emcomm and General goodwill in times of need.

Putting up our own GEO sat will cost millions.
Getting some free uplink bandwidth (like APRS), would be fantastic.
1 MHz (or even much smaller), is what we are looking for now. Donated with advertising for Othernet, or at a very low rate on a month to month basis.,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,34341709


VOIP into the Othernet uplink aggregator could be delivered by Echolink or my favorite, RCForb software.
Yes, Internet or VHF/UHF, even HF link into Othernet ground station.
Or, into some Chicagoland ham shack.
Wifi mesh link to Othernet ground station.
Assuming, of course, the uplink ground station is here in Chicago.

Just throwing some ideas out there.
Goodwill to the people, is my goal too.


@KC9SGV We wouldn’t be able to comp/donate that kind of bandwidth. I am happy to continue this discussion to understand if there is a way to work together, but it would need to be on a commercial basis. This stuff is expensive; I’m sure you can relate.

FWIW there is an underused L-band simplex uplink service on the Globalstar LEO network. It is mostly used for low rate telemetry and some backpacker distress/I’m-OK GPS breadcrumb and some short message messengers(non-SAR-Sat/COSPAS) but those are really small so they have obviously invested in a very sensitive receiver on the satellites. I think there is some geo-fencing though. Being commercial and having seen at least one ~$100 uplink module with serial in/out it seems like it would work well in the Othernet use case.
here is the gps/uplink module:
Not ultra-cheap for an individual but OTOH ultra portable uplink not bound by amateur radio/satellite rules. Would likely triple or quadruple the price of a Dreamcatcher if it were offered as a plugin for the Dreamcatcher and then probably a specialized service on Othernet’s end to tie in some form of messaging and Ku downlink item requests .