Is the Dreamcatcher available in Australia


It seems that the Deamcatcher is only available in a couple of regions.
Other than the website is there any other way to order a Dreamcatcher and have it delivered to Australia?


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the current Satellite Beam is only covering the US.
A EU Beam is tested but not fully working right now.

I don’t know if there is any planned time yet for the Asia Beam that should cover Australia to.
Without a Signal your DC would only be a paperweight :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as the Signal is working you will be able to order the DC from the Store as normal.


Thanks for the response.
We will eagerly wait for one to be available in Australia.

I was also interested in experimenting/developing with the board, but maybe I will try to get one when I next visit the US.

Thanks again

Well, if you want to experiment with one maybe @Syed can help you.


Please email [email protected] with your purchase request.

Could it be possible to make an separate Discussion blog for people who wish to purchase and test in other than USA. My self located in Iceland and I would like to purchase one. Just same thing no delivery…


Just to point out Iceland is only covered on the Eastern side of the country on the fringe of SES-4’s Ku footprint.

iceland Ken