Is ther are coverage in Algeria

is ther are coverage in Algeria

Eutelsat HotBird 13.0E may be able to cover north of Algeria. See here for more info about how to configure your tuner:

If you get OUTERNET logo on white background, then you can tune into the signal.

Hi @klaws, as @branko says, it will depend on where you are in Algeria.

If you look at this coverage map it will give you a rough idea as to the coverage over Algeria and the size of antenna needed to receive the signal.

If you are in Algiers or on the Mediterranean coast then you should be able to receive the signal with a 60cm - 75cm dish, but if you are in the centre of the country you may need a 2m dish or even larger. In the very south the power in the coverage is very low, and the map does not even indicate coverage, however it would may work with a very large antenna but it’s difficult to be sure.

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