Is there a beam type decryption spreadsheet?

All the manuals that i’ve seen only have the frequency, polarity and the “beam type” number.
But actual LoRa modules (or software demodulators) require more specific parameters, such as spreading factor and coding rate.

I’ve tried looking into the source code, but strangely it looks like the github version contains some sort of “development version” that has no beam type definition and translation code.
(for example: Dreamcatcher/web_server.c at 8a8e901d284b83d89744ad4ff07ff20cb3e47745 · Othernet-Project/Dreamcatcher · GitHub And the frontend lacked the beam type as well, last time i’ve checked).

I know that these parameters are not that big of a variety (like there’s 12 spreading factors and about six coding rates), so when my lora module arrives I can just check all of them, but is there any kind of spreadsheet to quickly lookup these parameters?