Issue with outernet-rx-3.0.pkg file

The maximum downloaded progress is 99%. When I restart the receiver, it gets started to download from the beginning and stops at 99%.

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Are you already on 3.0?

Yeah. Manually updated.

Did you wait for it to update to 3.0 automatically or did it right away?

I flashed it using full flash (recovery) method with v3.0 firmware.

Ok. It’s a bit weird that it won’t reach 100%, though it would’ve been interesting to see what it would do on a non-3.0 firmware. We’ll look into it.

EDITO: For future reference, the OTA update should reach 100%, and then remain at 100% after that.

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Here’s what I’ve been getting off Galaxy 19 - - I did the full flash upgrade to Version 3.0, and as a result am only showing new content (I cleaned my external hard drive at the same time just to be sure I had no corrupt files to foul things up):

Recently, I’ve only been receiving new files on carousel 4 & 5, with repeats on 1, 2, & 3. Ken

Hi Ken, This is the 5th or 6th time I’m receiving the outernet-rx-3.0.pkg and it stops at 99%.

Hi Pradeeka, other than the Outernet package, the other carousels show either 100% or they grow to 100 % over time as mine do. The issue is why can’t you get the Outernet Package to be 100 % which is what it should be if you are already running version 3.0?? Very puzzling. Let’s see what Branko turns up. Ken

Yeah. Is it wasting my bandwidth?

It’s not. Even when it stays at 100%, it passes through your coax before being rejected by ONDD.

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Same issue with 3.1 package.

After few minutes all carousels gets reseted and starts from the beginning.

So 724311...65.jpg is downloaded over and over again, for example?

I couldn’t be able to see the downloading because its heavy raining here and thundering and lightning also. I just disconnected the coax from the receiver. :slight_smile:

Ok, let us know if you find out more.

okay. sure.

yes. but shows 100%.

It has been updated to v3.1 today. (In 2nd time)