Javascript error when using the News app

can you see news files in the file browser?

Yes, I see new files in each of the folders except the aprs messages.
And all the other apps are working normally.

okay then i guess there is just no news that it can show, so it errors out. We are currently testing stuff with the news feed that can cause this issue, so your problem should be resolved soon when we are donw with this test.

My DC has been offline for close to a year as the last campground I was staying at I could not get any signal. Was hoping I could just touch a file or something.
I am aiming between two trees right now and should have good signal all winter, will have to see what happens come spring and these trees leaf out.
Let me know if there is something I can check or do.

News should be working again, pls check if you received any data from today in the news app/file manager

Yep, the news app is showing news.
Thank you.