July 2018 Update?


Looks like it has been a while since backers have received an update on the Lantern project? Any new timelines available? Thanks!


Agreed…I’m pretty sure things are heading in the right direction, but an update would certainly be great :slight_smile:


I’m working on a really interesting/useful content source, which is what I want to include in the update. I know it seems like such a simple thing to send updates, but I get bombarded with replies every time I send one, which is why they aren’t so regular. The replies take a really long time and there is only so much time in a day. It’s getting closer and closer. I know many backers think we’ve given up, but that’s far, far from reality.


Just sent e-mail to Syed as reply to endless replies, from 5 years now… I’m going to sue in my own hometown from NY. It’ll be worth the $50 filing fee to drag them out here for the years I’ve waited from endless BS now… They were bootstrapped from us all… We get really great stories… “Should be great”?.. Yeah - NO. I want a full refund plus the time compounded for aggravation I spent chasing this thing down – Finito.

Kirk - OUT(ERNET).

and yes - I am completely serious and quite capable. I’ll ad a rant too while I’m here.

This experience was a complete and epic cluster-sham. These people scammed us all and were over 200% campaign funded from Indiegogo.

They used us for their trendy-sheek folly and flew around the world, assuming the role of the wunderkind philanthropists in bringing telecom via satcom to globally remote areas (all while leaving their benefactor-bootstrappers high and dry). They took on grandiose persona’s at lofty high-brow TED talks and received immense PR – all the while, no mention as to how many people they dashed the hopes for having their expectations being realized for their own Satcom downlink receiver.

If this wasn’t insult enough, they began selling kits and systems for yet more profit and if you were an early technology backer like I was, and jumped through hoops (over years) to keep up with finding who was actually in charge and who was actually going to get you the product you paid for, you were degraded, mocked for asking and sold some LAME BS story (Just like the one I see is being sold right now)… I don’t want your lessor kit, I don’t want your excuse about running out of parts, your excuses for lack for adequate receiver, your excuse for trying to buy a satellite - anymore. What I want - Is my investment back and remuneration from the years I spent in trying to get the product they solicited investment for.

I’m so pissed right now seeing there is a July 2018 recent communication in an actual group here, all happy daze and yadda yadda… Even the name changed? Did someone else sue too? Get ready for another name change then…

I’m sure my direct e-mail will speak for itself (when it lands first thing tomorrow morning). Couldn’t even have sent out a group e-mail to those of us sots still waiting for the Lantern, to join this forum…? Or to explain the name change or what the next great lame excuse is…?

I’m actually a CEO - This “CEO” is neither… A [C, E or O] - Shamwow salesman maybe…

Yeah - Kirk Out


Hi, so, its been 6 months since the last update and this project is THREE YEARS behind schedule. This is not acceptable. Unless I have a delivery of a lantern like today, I am going to the police to file a complaint against this company.

I suggest that anyonelse burnt by this does the same.



I also have been a CEO, a CIO, CTO, CISO, and a few other CxO. I feel your pain.

I am filing a fraud complaint with the Swedish police, my bank, and my insurance. I also am going to file a claim against kronofogden which is the government run credit collection agency set up to resolve disputes like this.

I would suggest you do the same in your domicile.

Its not going to get our money back, but it is going to make it difficult for their CEO to set foot in Europe (uniform financial crimes laws here) without being arrested, and since they are an Icelandic company Scandinavian laws apply. Iceland does have extradition and a common credit reporting and banking system. This will basically make it so these guys cant buy anything in Europe without cash and also possibly garnish their accounts making it difficult for them to receive orders, place orders, or even pay for postage.

There is much more we can do, however I have had it with these fraudsters on these sites and I am going to begin with legal actions and then consider what other remedies are available to me.

Its not going to get our money back or the radios we ordered. Beginning with bloodying the nose of fraudsters and increasing the pain until they capitulate is a reasonable goal


I believe there are many people like me who would also like to sue these guys.

Do you have any idea since I believe a larger group of people suing them would actually make some difference.

Thanos (Athens, Greece)


The unexplained name change from ‘Outernet’ to ‘Othernet’ can only be for one reason: to put this controversy behind them. That’s not an inspiring move of ethical corporate leadership that inspires confidence in past, present or future investors.


They have explained the name change in the past it was due to copyright issues please see this below post.