July 2018 Update?


So @ Eelco_B seriously now, i pay 100 dollars plus shipping for a "fantastic idea " which was going to get reality and to our hands in a couple of months and 4 years later (if not more) asking for my money back is me not “improving technology”?
Or me asking for more newsletters showing where the “lantern” is at and not any “dreamcatcher” that i did not sign up for is that also “too much” from me?
Are we even serious?
Have you calculated the amount of money that this fantastic idea made and if it wasnt going to get real what exactly did they advertise?
Not only should we get a refund but we should also get interest for the amounts paid.
And no @donde , it was not donating to charity. It was just paying for a “Lantern” so I could have “free internet”


Sorry about that. We run refund in batches on the 15th of the month. If you prefer, I can accelerate the payment.


“Free Internet” was never promised. Only one way, receive only of news and information. We have that now.


yes please do.
Thank you


Donde, do you have a lantern? no need to reply. thanks


Hi @Syed,

I appreciate you guys are working hard on the project and I’ve always seen Othernet as a fantastic initiative but I do feel a realistic schedule of some sort is clearly overdue.
What is the timescale for an usable system over Europe and/or sub-Saharan Africa?
Your reference to some really interesting content doesn’t really count for much if you cant receive anything :frowning:



Hi @Syed

Is there any new 2019 new years bash update int the works?