Just got up and running here

Just got up and running here today. The thing is downloading files like crazy here.
Love the color animated weather maps.
Also the news.bolted the LNB to a 18 inch
Direct tv dish.tremendous signal.having fun,lots to learn. just got set up to receive GOES 16 weather sat .
Playing with FTA On galaxy 19 also.
See me on qrz.com.WB8RJY


Details man, we shun those who keep their tech secrets! Which sats you are working and tell us what equipment you are using to access; I want modes, antenna, eirp, etc.
You can post pics too.

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Could u please be more specific in your request for more information.
Othernet ,fta,goes 16,amateur radio sats.
Are you a ham ? Your call sign please?

@jeffory_broughton, just kidding about shunning. I don’t dox myself/qth on forums, the callsign is for on air or in private emails/ims.
I did a drive-by before but just now reread and stalked your QRZ page, some nice gear! I bet you are the only ham in your club with a cherry picker. The wire tower top dish is for up to 440 or higher?
In the 2Ks when AO-27, AO-51, and ARISS were pretty much it for FM, I never even had the $$ for even an arrow so I had to make one out of an old broomsitck, a ground wire copper jpole and some steel fence wires then made a band pass to split the 2m and 70cm tracked with a Sharp Zaurus and used an Alinco DJ-580E powered from an an old lead-gel burgalar alarm battery. I did day dream of a FT-817 to work AO-7 and other bent pipe birds.

Jeffory did not ask for your life history or home address and phone number, just whether you are an amateur radio operator (ham), and if so, what is your call sign. For example, I am a HAM, US Extra Class, call sign is W0HU. This is public information anyhow, so you are not doxxing yourself by answering these polite questions. You seem quite nosey about other people’s operations without giving up anything about your own. Rather un-ham like.
Maxboy’s Dad: Jerry

Welcome to the Forums Jeffory :slight_smile:

outside of Othernet, maybe HRPT would be something for you as well: https://tynet.eu/hrpt
Not as easy as GEOS but a lot of fun, see link above for some info on my Website including Videos.

73 Manuel DO5TY

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