Just uploaded very short text

So far I have a confirmation on my email. Will I see the contents of the text message on the Outernet GUI?

Yes, sorry for the delay in uploading it. You should be receiving it in the next few hours. It will be in the general file list. Please let me know once you’ve seen it.

OK, where is the general file list on the screen? At top middle, I see “waiting for data”, and at very bottom I see Outernet. I open it and see Librarian v4.0 post2/rxos 2.0. Next line: 2014-2015 Outernet Inc.

Now I’m getting something! 0714_2.jpg.tgz (20%)

I’m guessing you received a few files over the last day?

Yes, I have. And later I noticed they were all compressed in opac folder. And below the folder the files can be opened. Very good.
Syed, since I’m very new to Outernet, I have no idea where you are in finalizing the product. But, I see posts on the forum back to 2014.
Are you still in the testing phase? Oh I asked on forum if the patch antenna should be oriented with cable on top or which way? Probably no difference?
Thanks for all you do!

We are definitely still in the test-phase (with no timeline on when we will be out of test-phase). But the service is definitely getting more robust. In a short while, it will likely seem like we are in full production mode, but there are some core features that still need to be built.

Have you noticed that the cable orientation produces better SNR? If so, where is it?

Thanks for your interest and feedback!

I found out from another forum member, since polarity is RHCP, orientation should not make a difference. Now waiting for the patch to be embedded in clear low loss plastic! :slight_smile:

Exactly what clear, low-loss plastic are you using? I have been testing 3mm of polycarbonate with good luck.

I’m using the Outernet patch that was shipped to me. I was thinking the new patch in the future would be in a clear
enclosure to protect it. Didn’t know you were testing a design.