Keep calm and let the KERNAL PANIC!

I made my first attempt at flashing the CHIP

I downloaded all 3 files as instructed in the github flashing tutorial.

I got a little ways into the flashing program but could’t find in the VirtualBox application where to delete the Outernet operating system.

On the VB opening interface, it shows “Outernet Flasher Powered OFF" (?)

I said rubbish and I pressed start anyways and it goes into the DOS screen, it seems to be progressing okay but then quickly progresses to the end of the operation where it states:

Code: Bad EIP value


Any idea why?

I had this the other day. It doesn’t work on latest Ubuntu kernel on host machine, ot does work with older kernels. If you’re on Windows then I have no clue.

Thanks Sam . But I am a windows user :s


You could try running it as the administrator user if you’re not already?