kerberosSDR Crowdfunding

KerberosSDR was built in collaboration with othernet. It looks really great. I have started the order on indiegogo at least 4 times now and every time before hitting submit I see “Crowdfunding is not shopping. Your donation is a way to support a project but does not guarantee that you will receive a perk.” and I remember the past track record and I close the order page.

I hope the product actually ships, my kerberosSDR, now scheduled for September, looking forward to that toy. Crowdfunding is a bit of a shot in the dark.

Yikes, which batch are you in? Last I looked the current batch they are trying to sell is supposed to ship in August. I hope it does pan out. When it’s in stock and ready to ship I’ll grab one.

latest update

Yeah that batch ships from china. Not much of a discount. Next batch will be shipped from Chicago and will be sold from an actual store not crowdfunding bullshit. Hopefully the android app will be more stable too.

right, when I crowdfund ordered it, there was $10 shipping added on, now I may be on the hook for all
the import duties and shipping for an extra $50. I can only hope it doesn’t try and be collect on delivery COD.

I hope you don’t get screwed by duties charges. They should have imported all of batch 2 and shipped from USA.