KerberosSDR - RTL-SDR coerente a 4 canali

Hello everyone,
having a problem with a jammer that copies the DMR ID, I would have thought to buy this very interesting tool:
KerberosSDR - 4-channel coherent RTL-SDR.
I would like information on where to get accessories such as cables and antennas and what kind of antennas are recommended.
The frequency range that is disturbed are the UHF from 430 to 435 Mhz.
I thank you in advance for all the advice you will give me.
Seventy three de" IZ8GDO Pat

Your best bet is going to this forum for Kerberos questions.

If someone is copying your DMR ID and you’re on Brandmeister go to one of their support forums, there are ways to protect your ID.