Ku band broadcast

  1. Has the current “dishless Ku band” concept been tested? How much has been done and has this proven to be viable?
  2. What’s the current hardware recommendation?
  3. Is there any software to receive, or something similar to start tinkering with?
  1. @Syed has tested the “dishless” concept. Since the signal is SCPC (Single Carrier Per Channel), it’s narrow-band and does not need loads of receive gain.

  2. The current hardware recommendation is to get the DreamCatcher 3.0 board once it’s available.

  3. Some of us are tinkering with a Maverick MK1-PLL, which will be included in the DreamCatcher 3.0 kit. We have used the MK1 with a bias tee, a lab supply and a software defined radio to look at signals on various geostationary satellites. There is no software to decode or receive satellite signals at this time.

–Konrad, WA4OSH