Ku Band Reception no longer available?

I have not been able to get anything on Galaxy for some time now - have we abandon the Ku systems in favor of the L band systems?

Status.outernet.is shows a couple of receivers on Galaxy, with no reception.

Just curious …


Hello Brian

I’m sure Syed will answer you with more info, but Ku on Galaxy stopped at the beginning of September when L-Band started coming on-line.

Most of us Ku banders are running the new L-Band DIY or Lantern receivers. Data rate is 20 Mb per day (way down from Ku’s 1 GB per day), but the operation of the Librarian is familiar and Outernet’s new Filecast Center gets your 100 kB or less inputs up in a day.

The Lantern is small and portable which makes it ideal for travel, Ken

Ken pretty much summed it up. We aren’t able to support both Ku and L-band, so all efforts are behind L-band now. We noticed that the setting up the dish was the deal breaker for most people and also prevented greater adoption.

Does this mean ‘Lighthouse’ is now redundant or is there a new flash for L band reception??

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We intend to offer a new image for L-band, but there is no timeline for it just yet.

The pictures on the site show that it is already there. A little disappointed to read this news.will look forward to new development, best wishes. Presently I am using the Wi-Fi feature of old receiver for linking with smart TV and display the contents of USB.