KUDOS to the entire OUTERNET Staff!

I have been in the engineering business for a long time. I know the astounding amount of work that goes into any product that is released to the public.

This DIY Kit is an amazing fusion of many disciplines, a ton of hard work, a ton of money and the tireless effort of each and every one of their staff as well as all of the volunteer help from members of the forum.

I applaud them all for their effort and vision. This Kit can help education, news etc reach the majority of the world that does not have access to it.

What is amazing to me is that right out of the box this thing just works. No fussing, no confusion. just results.

I wanted to share a couple photos from my first day with the DIY KIT that I think will show just how amazing this thing is.

BTW, a huge shoutout to their RF / EE who designed this amazing patch antenna!! as well as the LNA. You hardly ever see results like this in the field… I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Straight out of the box:

results of this antenna:

And the Skylark UI. LOVE IT!


I agree!
Mine worked straight out of the box too! ( on the box like that as well :slight_smile: )
I have now moved the SDR & CHIP inside, and the antenna in a sandwich box outside

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My sincere thanks for the compliments. It’s been a tough road. We’ve still have some major obstacles to overcome, but at least we’re making progress (thanks to the fine folks on this forum).