L-band coverage in Beijing, China?

I’ve built a receiver with a 10-turn helix antenna pointing I-4 F1 APAC (Asia-Pacific) Position: 144.0°E, a measured NF=0.6dB, G=20dB LNA. However, no significant signals received at the proposed 1545.9525 MHz.

I wonder whether the outernet have been coveraged in China?

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I think it should be working in Bejing. Others are connecting to that satellite

Are you pointing South East with a 35 degree elevation? http://www.satpointer.com/

Yes, full coverage over all of China. The only places in the world that can not receive Outernet are at the poles. We lose coverage above 75-degrees latitude.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try again.


What LNA are you using? The Outernet LNA consist of 2x18dB stages and a narrow SAW filter also to help filter out (some portion) of local EMI. Reception in urban area likely will not happen with wideband LNA, which collects lot of noise around the spectrum.

Also you need an RHCP helical antenna, you can validate yours against this calc: http://jcoppens.com/ant/helix/calc.en.php